Terrasse des épices Marrakesh Medina
The Barber

The Barber

Terrasse des épices

 While in Morocco the stalls of barbers are legion, some offer today a level of service and hygiene unusual in the profession. Inspired by those who recently flourished in Europe on the occasion of the return of graceful facial hair in the codes of masculine elegance, the new generation barber shop of the kissaria Sidi Abdelaziz, the first of its kind in the medina of Marrakech, proposes To discover, or rediscover, the pleasures and benefits of an old ritual as old as the globe… To the devil plastic razors and industrial mosses, here places pure craftsmanship, authentic instruments, beautiful gesture – precise and therefore very safe – , Natural products and a thousand delicate attentions. Maâlem Abdellatif, an expert in beards, mustaches and other roufflquettes of all kinds, officiates according to the rules of the art and following, in a vintage frame with the neat decoration – barber furniture reedited, armchair and chandelier dating from the Roaring Twenties …

 A protocol of forty minutes. A moment of absolute relaxation and well-being during which the client, an immaculate towel around his neck and cottons soaked in rose water over his eyes, is pampered like no other. After a deep cleansing of the skin and the application of a menthol shaving cream to the shaving brush, the different passages of the cabbage cutter are carried out at an angle of approximately 30° between the blade and the skin. The first passage in the direction of the hair, the second passing through the hair and the third with the hairpin. A number of passages punctuated, among other delights, by a steam bath to dilate the pores, the installation of a mask repairing volcanic clay, a scrub with extraction of the main black spots, but also a Massage of the face, a chisel for the hairs of the ears and nostrils, an ultimate cleaning with a warm towel and, final touch, the application of a soothing after-shave.

Just that!


  • Beard: 95 Dh
  • Hair cut: 145 Dh
  • Beard+ Hair cut: 195 Dh
  • Everyday, from 11.00 am to 20.00 pm
  • Bookings recommended
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