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Terrasse  Des Epices

Tanjia Marrakchia

She is in the ocher city what the bouillabaisse is in Marseille: a monument! Roborative and light, spicy and sweet, rustic and refined, the emblematic Tanjia Marrakchia, which like the famous tagine designates both the contents and the container, is elaborated at Terrasse des épices according to the ancestral recipe. It is here as in the medina traditionally prepared by the men and cooked, as it should be, more than six hours in a earthen jar buried under the hot ashes of a wood oven used to heat a hammam.

Chocolate Pastilla

In a delightful neo-bédi frame opened 360 ° on the roofs of the medina of Marrakech, the Terrasse des épices treats tourists and residents of a kitchen exclusively homemade, plurielle always just and affordable. Among the best Moroccan and international bestsellers on the menu set up by the owner Nicolas nancy, the Chocolate Pastilla alone would justify a tasting on the spot, on the terrace or in rez-de kissaria to the Pâtisserie by Terrasse des épices Marrakech Restaurant. In exclusivity for the readers of couleurs Maroc, here is revealed the secret of this monument of gluttony, at the same time crisp, melting and easy to realize.
Exclusive for our loyal customers revealed Ingredients (for an individual pastilla)
30g of pastilla leaves (or 2 leaves) -30g of chocolate couverture -90 g of caster sugar -25 g of apricots -25 g of crushed soft almonds -10 g of sweet butter -l egg -l mint leaf.
Preparation (camp 30 min)
1- Place on the worktop the sheet of pastilla, fold it in two, cut the edges so as to make a square, then cut in 2 to obtain 2 leaves of 20 cm of caté each.
2- For the filling: Melt the chocolate and the balm in the manna bath. Pit and prune prunes and apricots, caramelize in a saucepan with the caster sugar (on low heat, adding a little water and stirring abundantly) .
3- Once the whole caramelized and melted chocolate, mix the two then reserve (let cool to room temperature).
4- Put 90% of the stuffing in the middle of one of the two squares of pastilla leaf, add over some crushed almonds.
5-Brush the four edges of the pastilla leaf with egg yolk.
6- Close the stuffed pastilla sheet, so as to obtain a ball.
7- Arrange the ball in the center of the second sheet of pastilla, head upside down.
8- Brush the 4 edges of this second sheet of pastilla with egg yolk and then place on the ball.
9-Bake for 20min (oven at 100 ° C).
Arrange the pastilla on a plate, pour the rest of the stuffing on top, add some almonds and the mint leaf. Serve warm. Accompanied with tea or spicy coffee, with cinnamon for example.

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